Bathtub & Shower Surface Repair

Largest Kohler Authorized Repair Agent in the USA
More than 30 years of repair experience! Pittsburgh’s top source for fiberglass & acrylic tub repair.
We repair fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs, shower bases and tub surrounds.  We are factory trained and authorized by many major manufacturers such as Kohler, Aker, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath, and Oasis Bath.

Cracks, chips, gouges, holes, marks and scratches can all be repaired with the proper technique and materials. Our trained technicians repair hundreds of tubs each month damaged by transfer, installation, or during the building process. We do work for many plumbers, contractors, builders, and supply houses, as well as private homeowners. Call our service department for a repair appointment 724-744-4285.

Don’t Reline your damaged tub, Repair and Renew. Save thousands over Bath “fitting” Solutions.
Hundreds of cracked tub floors repaired in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Cracked or leaking tub or shower floors that have lost support over time or were not properly supported upon installation can be properly repaired without removal or relining your bath. Your tub floor will be reinforced so it is solid, strong, and will hold ample weight without flexing. The tub base is then sanded and repainted to blend with the tub walls. Save thousands over Bath “fitting” or reline solutions. Done in one day plus one day dry time. Call our service department at 724-744-4285.

 Warranty Policy:   1 year warranty on all finish repair work